For Ryanair crew, by Ryanair crew.


Manage your roster, and use Ryaloggers many features to keep it up-to-date. Get your roster into your calendar, share it with your loved ones and much much more!


roster blocks

Roster is grouped in smart daily blocks and special duties or OOB stands out clearly.

Duties & Changes


"Duties" enabling easy and accurate update of your roster. Duties is a smart and accurate tool which effectively avoids that you ever manually have to make any changes to your roster, when its changed.


roster pattern

Get a future plan of your roster pattern 1 year ahead, printer friendly and a perfect fit for the fridge.

Other features

Dep / Arr

Arrival and departure information for a given airport

Web Calendar

Display roster as a calendar in the browser

Calendar Sync

Synchronise your roster to your preferred calendar app

Visitor view

Give your friends and family their own login


Graphs and statistics

Pay summary

Detailed payment summary

Import history

View previous imported roster in its original format

calendar ipad screens

Calendar integration

Integrate your roster with your prefered calendar application.
Sync with as many devices you want.

Base roster

Get an overview of your base. A great tool when you need a swap.

baseroster screen


Ryalogger offers many ways to manage and view your flight data. View your logbook as a traditional table format, or take advantage of the simple smart blocks.

detailed logbook
Verified flight email import

Verified flight emails

Forward you Verified Flight Emails to Ryalogger. You can also setup automatic imports, then you don't have to ever worry about whether you forgot a flight.

Smart blocks

Possibly the best way to view your logbook, focusing on what is important. And of course uptimized for mobile devices.

Verified flight email import

Other features


Manage the crew you have operated with


Know which airports you fly to, how much and when


Know which aircraft you fly to, how much and when


Export your content into various formats and other logbook software


Graphs and statistics

Pay summary

Detailed payment summary



Ryalogger offers some unique ways of interacting with your collegues.


Transparency is key!

A lot of effort is put into making it clear to you, what is shared, and who have access to your content.

Nothing is written in small print, and you can always change your settings.

You have control

Ryalogger offers lots of possibilities for sharing, like calendar integration, base- and friendroster.

No matter what feature it is, it is always possible to not use it.

It is your data

Ryalogger does not share any of your content with 3rd-parties, unless you specifically setup such a connection yourself through the use of APIs.


The Privacy Policy states how your data is managed.



Ryalogger and all its features is free to use for its users. Likewise does Ryalogger not charge anything to partners or uses of APIs.

Without ads

The platform is made to appear simple and friendly for mobile devices as well as desktops. Adding ads does not contribute positively to this experience and will therefore not be found anywhere.

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