The Basics is a service from Pilots to Pilots.

The intention of RyaLogger is to enhance tools available for managing roster, logbook, swaps, payroll etc. Where the aim is to be a all-in-one solution to avoid keeping multiple services updated.


Importing roster every friday is the main source of your roster. Additionally many features are available to maintain an accurate and up-to-date roster.

If roster is changed, simply find the new duty and replace it with the old.

  • Easy maintenance of roster accuracy
  • Integrate with your calendar
  • Find swaps
  • Share your roster with friends


The primary method to be used to keep the logbook updated is using your EFB "Verified Flights" e-mails.

Forward your Verified Flight Emails to your personal Ryalogger mailbox. See Email Import for details.

  • Review available options while importing flights: Email Options
  • RyaLogger predicts which days you should work, and will show reminders for missing logs to make sure you don't miss a flight
  • Limit graphs and Payroll combines with Roster to give accurate summaries and predictions
  • Export Logbook into various supported Logbook applications
  • Integrate with your accountant to automatically manage taxation