Features overview

Ryalogger have grown to offer features covering many areas including roster and logbook keeping. Here is a overview of the main features


My Roster

Manage your roster. Easy copy/paste import and display roster grouped in smart daily blocks. Special duties or OOB stands out clearly.

base Roster

Explore roster for based crew allowing great visibility of your base. For one, allowing effective swap coordination.

Friends Roster

Display roster of your friends. Similar to base roster, but only includes your friends.


Available duties enabling easy and accurate update of your roster. Duties is a smart and accurate tool which effectively avoids that you ever manually have to make any changes to your roster, when its changed.

Dep / Arr

Arrival and departure information for a given airport. It is like the arrival and departures table you would find in the terminal.

Web Calendar

Display roster as a calendar in the browser. It represents a summarised preview of what you would get if syncing your roster to your preferred calendar app.

Calendar Sync

Synchronise your roster to your preferred calendar app. All calendar applications supported through the webcal/ICS feed.



Collection of your flown flights or performed duties. Represented similarly to the daily roster blocks, but contains flight and duty data in much greater detail.

Grid book

Your logbook data presented as a familiar logbook grid.


Manage the crew you have operated with, know how much you have flown together and when.


Know which airports you fly to, how much and when.


Know which aircraft you fly to, how much and when.

Logten Pro sync

Logten Pro is fully supported for automatic logbook and roster imports.



Display you roster and logbook data in simple graphs, telling you if you are approaching any legal limits and how much you are generally flying.


A powerful tool to crosscheck your pay as well as knowing in advance how much it will be. This is all done automatically from your roster and logbook, and gives you a great overview and detailed description of your earnings.

O'connor & Associates

Automatically manage home subsistence. Simply keep your logbook updated and your tax information will be done for you.


Setup secure API access points to connect your Ryalogger account with your preferred software.