Ryalogger is developed out of the interest of using the flight information available to maintain the duties of personal logbook keeping. It not only makes the task much easier, but it also completes the logbook at a new level of accuracy


If you wish to support RyaLogger and the development of such "niche"-services, consider to look into my other active projects:

Boeing Brake Cooling

The Brake Cooling application is available on the app store, exclusively for IOS.

With the brake cooling app you will be able to quickly calculate Brake cooling time and landing distance, for ALL landing configurations at once. Not only is it smarter and faster than using handy-dandies or QRH's, its also more accurate and can guide you to which landing configuration might be the better option.

Time Calculator

The Time Calculator is useful for handling times. Lets say you have to add together 10 pages of logbook hours. This is no task for the Time Calculator! Not only is there no limit for how many hours, minutes or seconds you add or subtract, a calculation summary will always be available as well to correct any mistakes.

Only downside, is with RyaLogger.com, the maintenance task of the logbook is now so minimal its no longer necessary to manually calculate times anymore!